New learnings new style

Learning new things in a new place. Education is completely different here… methods are different and yes. i am quite impressed.
After all the tumultuous education system back in India..we have got a new way of learning here in Canada. The education system is quite less complicated and beneficial too. My kids are kind of enjoying it now. I see them enjoying themselves and are quite engrossed in learning all this new stuff.
They have teaching methods through stories and I feel it gets into the mind sooner.
I believe in education that is not making them byheart all the stuff..but understanding them very well. It is the best way to learn and take along what you learn.
The very first time when we arrived here everyone told me that the education is not great…but again I felt this is quite exciting as it is new and fresh. I am impressed with the way they bring in techniques to teach kids, make them understand clearly, etc. I am not a fan of the Indian style of studying…as most of it requires you to be good at byhearting or loads of bookish knowledge. And it’s all about marks..n scores nothing else…
And I love the way of learning where you can explore more and in a better way.

Yeah, it’s new to them..(my kids ) but again I see them enjoy. Let’s hope for the best.

Being mom
#beingmom #education #canadaeducation #newmethodsoflearning

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