Mommy has hair on legs…

Sinking on my bed .after my long day ..with my little girl playing around on my a little kitten..who is not little anymore..still taking my breath away…though.
Oh. sorry
Tata not the matter.
As she was sliding her hands on my legs..she said..mommy, you have hairy legs.
Oh, yea.
I smiled.
Lazy me..i thought in my mind.
Immediately she showed me her legs….and told me..i too have hairy legs, mommy…
Just to make me smile and feel good.
But then  #mommygyan clicked my brain.
I told her .dont worry dear..having hair..or not having..shaving or not shaving it all your choice ..dont be intimidated by your looks..because it seriously never matters to the ones who are genuine.
Only beware of people who want you to follow their guidelines..and want to make you something else..which is not you at all.
Stay calm let the hair grow.
I remember as a teenager i never wanted to thread my eyebrows..and indeed i was like a monkey then ..never met anyone’s beauty expectations…hehe  was in my second year of degree i did threading of my eyebrows for the first time…I remember my mom did take me to a parlor in my eleventh or twelfth standard to get it done..and i ran off from there.
We all try to impose beauty concepts on everyone..but is it the right way..?
Beauty is defined as per the beholder.
But again, we all need not adhere to others’ concepts..just be who you are..your worth shines out irrespective of any darkness.

#beingmomfortwogirls #lovemydaughters #sreepriyawrites

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