Being mommy

Perfect throwback memory.

Being pregnant and giving birth was something special for me. The first time, it was quite challenging as I was completely skeptical about how I am going to manage and do things on my own..but the second time. i had my little girl who was beside me all the time to help me..and to support me. I was always thrilled to include her in everything I do for her sister. It was fun when the three of us are together from storytime to playtime or lunchtime…i had them as my companion.
Let me be honest…i was never bothered about my size or weight then..because it was part and parcel of being a mom. I lazily spend my time taking rest, enjoying every cuddle with my darlings and it was indeed fun.
I would hog on every food I get and yea all I can blame was a great tummy.
Unlike other mommies, I was not someone who wants to get back into shape or something..because I felt I was in perfect shape..then..for me, motherhood was the best I could be blessed with.
Whenever I look at them, I feel like I have given the best time to them and gained the same for myself.
Having an elder one around when you are pregnant is indeed bliss…i know it is mind-boggling at times..but blame the pregnancy hormones..we become insane at times.
Again parenting two also tedious..we become a referred most of the time, who forget whose side to support at times.

But overall it is indeed fun.
The best time of my life. Once they grow up…i am not sure. if I will ever get them like that.
So mom’s..spend your time wisely…
#beingmomisabliss #throwback #memory #beingmom

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