Not everyone is same

When she was small..she was scared to climb on anything… I recollect the time, i had to climb along with her numerous times over the slide to get her to slide..(when i was scared to slide down too ..i have problem with heights and sudden fall ) ..but i still kept my fear at bay and went along with her….until she was comfortable to do it on her own.
Every kid is different. We can’t force them to be someone that way we are asking them to hate what they are …
I try my best to ensure.. she doesn’t hate herself.. but come forward gradually to make a better version of herself…
All i do is..tell her..even i was a failure myself.. were several instances. i did stand numb..not knowing what to do….but again.. an impulse .did make me do things that i ever wished to do once.
Life is that way.
I guess she is taking my lessons seriously…and hoping to explore more of her potential gradually.
She may not be equivalent with others..but i don’t care..and. I dont want her to care about it.. because i am not measuring her with their scale..but her scale.

Let your child grow.. at their own pace.
No hurry.
You don’t have to force them to be a winner all the time..but be beside them..even when they fall.

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