Stop listening too much…

Many times, i wonder are all so well educated and understanding when it comes to any girl. Being a mother to two girls now, i always feel pressured by outsiders who ask why am i not trying for another child preferably a boy. Call me ignorant or anything, i dont know how to magically create a boy child…( I guess people might have a magical formula when it comes to joining a sperm to the ovule to make a boy baby in the womb )and most importantly am not interested. I am a proud mother of two strong girls, who never stop mesmerizing me every day. I know i can guide them to be strong and content as a woman to help them distinguish what’s not right or what’s right for them. I don’t want people to come up and tell them that a job like a normal office job is enough for them to fall into a good woman’s criteria. I want them to be adventurous, passionate in what they do, and follow their heart when it comes to discovering themselves.  I dont want people to come up and tell them not to be ambitious because they have children to take care of and a husband..or even parents. Life is just once, i want them to live it to the best. I hate when people come up and tell me, what i should do when it comes to my job because i want to figure it out myself. I might stumble and fall..but i do rise and walk. We, humans, have a bad tendency to ignore many things until it truly hurts, so i fall in that category of it.
But no worries, i am sure i will find my way out to make a life.
This is what i want my daughters to do too…
I am not perfect to advise, but i will surely show whats not being perfect means too.
The choice is theirs..what to do and what not to do.
Being a mom is indeed difficult.
But i chose to try my best.
And here i am.
Do you know what you should do to get your children to listen to you?


Yea. Nothing.
Just do your best.
They follow what you do..not what you say blah blah all the time.

#beingmomisabliss #motherhood #daughters

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