The joy of Cooking with my girls

The joy of Cooking !!!

I always enjoyed cooking and serving not because i felt entitled to cook for my family…as a woman but just because i enjoyed my family savoring the food i served them.
It was never exhausting for me to cook multiple Dishes or continuously stand making hot dosas and serving them to their plates. Cooking was like my space which i enjoyed always…like i enjoyed eating.

It’s the same joy i wanna share with my kids and not make them learn or get a notion is an entitled thing for women in the house. I tell my daughters that it’s always better to learn cooking. At least when u want you to need not depend on anyone.
I am just making them independent.
Teaching them to survive on their own.
And being themselves…like strong women who need no dependencies.
When they come to help me, i enjoy it as they enjoy it and that keeps me happy.
I can see the joy on their faces always….be it just mixing salads.
Or even making noodles….on their own.
I always believe in making girls one way or the other. And i still believe that cooking is no less a thing to do at home.

#beingmom #raisingstronggirls #beingamom #motheroftwogirls #independent #selflearn #womanpower

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