Thought Struck

Some mornings are like “the thought struck”  ones for me. When we are n our breakfast table…and me, as usual, making hot dosas for kids n him..we all discuss something or the other… it’s our favourite thing to do when we are together.
Today’s topic was my daughter’s stubborn things.
I love the way..(at times, yea i am a vulnerable mom) she tells do things that i like. She tells me why can’t i do things that i love…and stop bothering about what others say. I do not know …whether should i be proud of it…or not. I don’t mind someone judging me on it too. I told her. it’s good that she has lil stubbornness in her i have seen only those people who have such nature survive. I always ensure that she can follow what she feels is right..maybe she might make mistake..or she might succeed. My job is not to protect her all the time..but to be with her all the time whatever she takes up.
Let’s see what life will show us and take us into.
But yea…
Some conversation with my kids.
Brings back the essence of life.
It gives a different meaning to my life.
Helps me weigh exactly what I want.

Thank you my darlings.


#beingmom #momoftwogirls

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