Be a Parent

Being a mother is a great task, being a parent is itself a huge task, but all the more the tough one is to be the child.
Yes, you heard me right.. Being a child is indeed a tough task. Do you know why?
All we see is, a child enjoying whatever the parents say, or maybe throwing some tantrums at times. As they begin to grow up, the depiction of tantrums varies, invariably in a way that it is struggling to be a parent as well. Parents become much more pressurizing when it comes to choices of their child, be it food, dress, their taste in anything and everything even when it comes to choosing friends. The thing parents don’t realize is that this is how they learn life, it cannot be spoon-fed. Life is all about making the wrong choices and fixing them or maybe living with them until we realize it. It is hard, we cant just smoothen the edges and show it to the child to make it livable. Be it marriage, life choices or career, we all tend to learn it in a difficult way. Forcing a parent’s wishes on the child is like destroying their wishes, manipulating their choices indirectly indicating that their choices are utterly stupid.
In this busy world, parents hardly realize what is going on in a child’s mind.. they hardly talk and get to know it, making it all the vaguer.
If you want to help your child, stop imposing your thoughts on them, Give them time ( their own time), they will be fine. Like waiting patiently for them to take the first steps to walk, appreciating the time they take and encouraging them in every step.
Remember you can’t live their life, they have to do it on their own.
Be their backbone, their nurturer and a true well-wisher.
Be the Parent.


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