Lil helpers in my Kitchen

Are they digging into my fridge? No hahaha.
They are not. Being a lazy mom. i always seek their help and luckily they enjoy doing it in the morning. While i am busy cutting, i ask them to pick me things from the fridge, and they do it diligently well. I remember the time when i was a kid, i used to help my mom the same way. Even at times, i do end up doing some stupid things too. Like mom used to ask me to get me two curry leaves…she meant a few….and i pluck two leaves and get her…and guess what..history happens to me too.
Now don’t assume that just because they are girls am getting them aquatinted with my kitchen. It’s not what you think…i just want my kids to learn things through usage. I would like them to learn about vegetables, distinguish them well and also learn a little about cooking to survive on their own. I dont want them to end up buying food all the least they can experiment a few on their own when they grow up..and maybe i get to eat sometime in the future

Luckily we are in that era, we’re not just girls who are learning to cook and manage household stuff. Am proud of my girls.
Kudos to new-gen kids and new-gen parents.

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Drinking water…always good

Getting kids to drink water is kind of a tough job. Earlier i didn’t know that it is so beneficial. Thanks to motherhood, it teaches you something far beyond always. Every day is learning.
It was ever since i visited this nature therapy center in Kannur where i began to add water to my routine…enough and a lot.
As a mom, i always ensure that i instill the same habit in my kids too. Hence ever since then, i started to make my kids drink a good amount of water in the morning. It is hard actually..not easy as it looks. Even when i began to was not easy to go and gulp almost a liter..but yea slowly and steadily it does help.
As an added benefit of having water early in the morning, even my mister rid of some allergies which were like for ages like sneezing and cold, etc…which is quite common in Bangalore weather.
Yes, so if someone asks m if it’s worth it..then i would say. Yes yes yes always.
Keep yourself hydrated always.
It’s always good to flush out all the toxins from our body..and even a perfect glow on the face (something i keep telling my kids).

Keep drinking water…and i did not mean juices. Just water 🥛


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