Be a Parent

Being a mother is a great task, being a parent is itself a huge task, but all the more the tough one is to be the child.Yes, you heard me right.. Being a child is indeed a tough task. Do you know why?All we see is, a child enjoying whatever the parents say, or maybe … Continue reading Be a Parent

Thought Struck

Some mornings are like “the thought struck”  ones for me. When we are n our breakfast table…and me, as usual, making hot dosas for kids n him..we all discuss something or the other… it’s our favourite thing to do when we are together.Today’s topic was my daughter’s stubborn things.I love the way..(at times, yea i … Continue reading Thought Struck

Learning languages

Learning languages is an asset. But the very first thing is learning our mother tongue. I might not be very good at my language since i was not too eager then as a child..but eventually, as i grew up. (yea almost in my 30s) i discovered an interest in Malayalam. Still, i am way behind … Continue reading Learning languages

The roles I play

The Roles I play🧘🧘🧘 The moment i am up, from then i am playing various characters…don’t know where i am though..Now with. Lockdown, the roles are appearing multiple times, and some times i feel like i am flickering one to another and it’s like amidst the transmission errors…i lose a piece of me here and … Continue reading The roles I play

Being mommy

Perfect throwback memory. Being pregnant and giving birth was something special for me. The first time, it was quite challenging as I was completely skeptical about how I am going to manage and do things on my own..but the second time. i had my little girl who was beside me all the time to help … Continue reading Being mommy

Mommy has hair on legs…

Sinking on my bed .after my long day ..with my little girl playing around on my a little kitten..who is not little anymore..still taking my breath away…though.Oh. sorryTata not the matter.As she was sliding her hands on my legs..she said..mommy, you have hairy legs.Oh, yea.I smiled.Lazy me..i thought in my mind.Immediately she showed me … Continue reading Mommy has hair on legs…


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