Thought Struck

Some mornings are like “the thought struck”  ones for me. When we are n our breakfast table…and me, as usual, making hot dosas for kids n him..we all discuss something or the other… it’s our favourite thing to do when we are together.
Today’s topic was my daughter’s stubborn things.
I love the way..(at times, yea i am a vulnerable mom) she tells do things that i like. She tells me why can’t i do things that i love…and stop bothering about what others say. I do not know …whether should i be proud of it…or not. I don’t mind someone judging me on it too. I told her. it’s good that she has lil stubbornness in her i have seen only those people who have such nature survive. I always ensure that she can follow what she feels is right..maybe she might make mistake..or she might succeed. My job is not to protect her all the time..but to be with her all the time whatever she takes up.
Let’s see what life will show us and take us into.
But yea…
Some conversation with my kids.
Brings back the essence of life.
It gives a different meaning to my life.
Helps me weigh exactly what I want.

Thank you my darlings.


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The joy of Cooking with my girls

The joy of Cooking !!!

I always enjoyed cooking and serving not because i felt entitled to cook for my family…as a woman but just because i enjoyed my family savoring the food i served them.
It was never exhausting for me to cook multiple Dishes or continuously stand making hot dosas and serving them to their plates. Cooking was like my space which i enjoyed always…like i enjoyed eating.

It’s the same joy i wanna share with my kids and not make them learn or get a notion is an entitled thing for women in the house. I tell my daughters that it’s always better to learn cooking. At least when u want you to need not depend on anyone.
I am just making them independent.
Teaching them to survive on their own.
And being themselves…like strong women who need no dependencies.
When they come to help me, i enjoy it as they enjoy it and that keeps me happy.
I can see the joy on their faces always….be it just mixing salads.
Or even making noodles….on their own.
I always believe in making girls one way or the other. And i still believe that cooking is no less a thing to do at home.

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Be Imperfectly Perfect

Everyone wants to stand out and show they are the best in everyone’s eyes. But why? I wonder why we are so obsessed to show we are so good. Why are so squeamish to show that we all have an imperfect side too. Life is not just about being perfect, but imperfections too. A baby doesn’t right way start walking as soon as it is born, it needs to stumble its way towards walking right. We all have moments of hiccups that do hurt us and others around us. Yea !! Life is never easy. From day one, we are born on earth, even though we are unaware then, others want us to be perfect. Have a perfect shape of head, beautiful eyes, smile a little hair enough to clip in some fancy clips… a perfect length even though we are just a baby to wear a dress from the latest design. This again continues as we grow up. A perfect score, a perfect school an blah blah an blah. We hardly realize that the more perfect things we try to bring together, we forget the imperfections we have to we tend to hide them. We are so obsessed that we literally hide the pain, the sorrows, the daunting tales, and much more that make us who we are now. 
As portrayed in the movie #home, we just have to be what we are unafraid of when it comes to our vulnerabilities. The ones who truly love us will just accept us as who we are- the perfectly imperfect ones. 

Stop listening too much…

Many times, i wonder are all so well educated and understanding when it comes to any girl. Being a mother to two girls now, i always feel pressured by outsiders who ask why am i not trying for another child preferably a boy. Call me ignorant or anything, i dont know how to magically create a boy child…( I guess people might have a magical formula when it comes to joining a sperm to the ovule to make a boy baby in the womb )and most importantly am not interested. I am a proud mother of two strong girls, who never stop mesmerizing me every day. I know i can guide them to be strong and content as a woman to help them distinguish what’s not right or what’s right for them. I don’t want people to come up and tell them that a job like a normal office job is enough for them to fall into a good woman’s criteria. I want them to be adventurous, passionate in what they do, and follow their heart when it comes to discovering themselves.  I dont want people to come up and tell them not to be ambitious because they have children to take care of and a husband..or even parents. Life is just once, i want them to live it to the best. I hate when people come up and tell me, what i should do when it comes to my job because i want to figure it out myself. I might stumble and fall..but i do rise and walk. We, humans, have a bad tendency to ignore many things until it truly hurts, so i fall in that category of it.
But no worries, i am sure i will find my way out to make a life.
This is what i want my daughters to do too…
I am not perfect to advise, but i will surely show whats not being perfect means too.
The choice is theirs..what to do and what not to do.
Being a mom is indeed difficult.
But i chose to try my best.
And here i am.
Do you know what you should do to get your children to listen to you?


Yea. Nothing.
Just do your best.
They follow what you do..not what you say blah blah all the time.

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The roles I play

The Roles I play🧘🧘🧘

The moment i am up, from then i am playing various characters…don’t know where i am though..Now with. Lockdown, the roles are appearing multiple times, and some times i feel like i am flickering one to another and it’s like amidst the transmission errors…i lose a piece of me here and there…🙆
Mornings – Independent health-minded woman🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ – yea.. the moment i wake up, i am the health-minded person, an independent woman who cares about herself.
Next moment – as i enter the kitchen..i am the Planner 🕵️..- planning the day – just about the food…slowly transitioned into an explorer who is hunting for “what to cook ” for the day…from the jungle called fridge…
Then as soon as i am done taking a walk …i become the COOK. Yea the master chef..of the house.
In between i become a mom, waking up everyone in the house..serving milk and washing them up…
Then again, the next role pop up – “The maid” 🧚…Here at times, i become even a monster who is scolding when they make dirty too.
The roles then disappear as soon as i login for work.
I become again the ” Independent Woman..”💃💃 this transformed me. Flickering between a mom and an employee…the emotional transition is hard to carry on.. still worth a try…

The journey continues.👣👣👣
I become mom, a teacher, a friend, the wife, daughter, a lover, a writer, a colleague and again…everything i explained above…

Finally at the end of the day🛌🛌🛌…when i am exhausted..i wish i could be that little girl again.🧑🧑


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Being mommy

Perfect throwback memory.

Being pregnant and giving birth was something special for me. The first time, it was quite challenging as I was completely skeptical about how I am going to manage and do things on my own..but the second time. i had my little girl who was beside me all the time to help me..and to support me. I was always thrilled to include her in everything I do for her sister. It was fun when the three of us are together from storytime to playtime or lunchtime…i had them as my companion.
Let me be honest…i was never bothered about my size or weight then..because it was part and parcel of being a mom. I lazily spend my time taking rest, enjoying every cuddle with my darlings and it was indeed fun.
I would hog on every food I get and yea all I can blame was a great tummy.
Unlike other mommies, I was not someone who wants to get back into shape or something..because I felt I was in perfect shape..then..for me, motherhood was the best I could be blessed with.
Whenever I look at them, I feel like I have given the best time to them and gained the same for myself.
Having an elder one around when you are pregnant is indeed bliss…i know it is mind-boggling at times..but blame the pregnancy hormones..we become insane at times.
Again parenting two also tedious..we become a referred most of the time, who forget whose side to support at times.

But overall it is indeed fun.
The best time of my life. Once they grow up…i am not sure. if I will ever get them like that.
So mom’s..spend your time wisely…
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Not everyone is same

When she was small..she was scared to climb on anything… I recollect the time, i had to climb along with her numerous times over the slide to get her to slide..(when i was scared to slide down too ..i have problem with heights and sudden fall ) ..but i still kept my fear at bay and went along with her….until she was comfortable to do it on her own.
Every kid is different. We can’t force them to be someone that way we are asking them to hate what they are …
I try my best to ensure.. she doesn’t hate herself.. but come forward gradually to make a better version of herself…
All i do is..tell her..even i was a failure myself.. were several instances. i did stand numb..not knowing what to do….but again.. an impulse .did make me do things that i ever wished to do once.
Life is that way.
I guess she is taking my lessons seriously…and hoping to explore more of her potential gradually.
She may not be equivalent with others..but i don’t care..and. I dont want her to care about it.. because i am not measuring her with their scale..but her scale.

Let your child grow.. at their own pace.
No hurry.
You don’t have to force them to be a winner all the time..but be beside them..even when they fall.

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Let the child be a child

When i see most parents, they want to strictly hold on to kids and be competitive in everything they do. They forget about what the child wants or whats their wish. It’s simply what the parent missed being is forced upon the child mostly. I remember a child who was acquainted with my kids, he was all along monitored for not-so-great reasons. He wanted to be a winner all along..and if at all he just gets second or even when not considered for a prize, the parent gets frustrated. But is it the right parenting?
The child is soon going to be mentally suffering, as he is going to be tortured if he is not winning. I wonder why parents pressurise the child so much, they love and want in their life.

Too much of anything is indeed bad. It is fine to be competitive, but where is the bliss of childhood. It is for learning everything from success and failure. Do not fill up them with the idea that only success or being first is important. You get to learn a lot even from failures or even giving up something for someone.

Childhood is not for weighing down our principles on them but to be able to teach them to differentiate many things that are important in life.

Teach them to fight or work harder for anything, but not for gaining numbers but lessons that you get to learn.
Teach them, that when they don’t get successful then there might be better things ahead.
Stay positive.

Lil helpers in my Kitchen

Are they digging into my fridge? No hahaha.
They are not. Being a lazy mom. i always seek their help and luckily they enjoy doing it in the morning. While i am busy cutting, i ask them to pick me things from the fridge, and they do it diligently well. I remember the time when i was a kid, i used to help my mom the same way. Even at times, i do end up doing some stupid things too. Like mom used to ask me to get me two curry leaves…she meant a few….and i pluck two leaves and get her…and guess what..history happens to me too.
Now don’t assume that just because they are girls am getting them aquatinted with my kitchen. It’s not what you think…i just want my kids to learn things through usage. I would like them to learn about vegetables, distinguish them well and also learn a little about cooking to survive on their own. I dont want them to end up buying food all the least they can experiment a few on their own when they grow up..and maybe i get to eat sometime in the future

Luckily we are in that era, we’re not just girls who are learning to cook and manage household stuff. Am proud of my girls.
Kudos to new-gen kids and new-gen parents.

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Drinking water…always good

Getting kids to drink water is kind of a tough job. Earlier i didn’t know that it is so beneficial. Thanks to motherhood, it teaches you something far beyond always. Every day is learning.
It was ever since i visited this nature therapy center in Kannur where i began to add water to my routine…enough and a lot.
As a mom, i always ensure that i instill the same habit in my kids too. Hence ever since then, i started to make my kids drink a good amount of water in the morning. It is hard actually..not easy as it looks. Even when i began to was not easy to go and gulp almost a liter..but yea slowly and steadily it does help.
As an added benefit of having water early in the morning, even my mister rid of some allergies which were like for ages like sneezing and cold, etc…which is quite common in Bangalore weather.
Yes, so if someone asks m if it’s worth it..then i would say. Yes yes yes always.
Keep yourself hydrated always.
It’s always good to flush out all the toxins from our body..and even a perfect glow on the face (something i keep telling my kids).

Keep drinking water…and i did not mean juices. Just water 🥛