Be a Parent

Being a mother is a great task, being a parent is itself a huge task, but all the more the tough one is to be the child.
Yes, you heard me right.. Being a child is indeed a tough task. Do you know why?
All we see is, a child enjoying whatever the parents say, or maybe throwing some tantrums at times. As they begin to grow up, the depiction of tantrums varies, invariably in a way that it is struggling to be a parent as well. Parents become much more pressurizing when it comes to choices of their child, be it food, dress, their taste in anything and everything even when it comes to choosing friends. The thing parents don’t realize is that this is how they learn life, it cannot be spoon-fed. Life is all about making the wrong choices and fixing them or maybe living with them until we realize it. It is hard, we cant just smoothen the edges and show it to the child to make it livable. Be it marriage, life choices or career, we all tend to learn it in a difficult way. Forcing a parent’s wishes on the child is like destroying their wishes, manipulating their choices indirectly indicating that their choices are utterly stupid.
In this busy world, parents hardly realize what is going on in a child’s mind.. they hardly talk and get to know it, making it all the vaguer.
If you want to help your child, stop imposing your thoughts on them, Give them time ( their own time), they will be fine. Like waiting patiently for them to take the first steps to walk, appreciating the time they take and encouraging them in every step.
Remember you can’t live their life, they have to do it on their own.
Be their backbone, their nurturer and a true well-wisher.
Be the Parent.


Be Imperfectly Perfect

Everyone wants to stand out and show they are the best in everyone’s eyes. But why? I wonder why we are so obsessed to show we are so good. Why are so squeamish to show that we all have an imperfect side too. Life is not just about being perfect, but imperfections too. A baby doesn’t right way start walking as soon as it is born, it needs to stumble its way towards walking right. We all have moments of hiccups that do hurt us and others around us. Yea !! Life is never easy. From day one, we are born on earth, even though we are unaware then, others want us to be perfect. Have a perfect shape of head, beautiful eyes, smile a little hair enough to clip in some fancy clips… a perfect length even though we are just a baby to wear a dress from the latest design. This again continues as we grow up. A perfect score, a perfect school an blah blah an blah. We hardly realize that the more perfect things we try to bring together, we forget the imperfections we have to we tend to hide them. We are so obsessed that we literally hide the pain, the sorrows, the daunting tales, and much more that make us who we are now. 
As portrayed in the movie #home, we just have to be what we are unafraid of when it comes to our vulnerabilities. The ones who truly love us will just accept us as who we are- the perfectly imperfect ones. 

Learning languages

Learning languages is an asset. But the very first thing is learning our mother tongue. I might not be very good at my language since i was not too eager then as a child..but eventually, as i grew up. (yea almost in my 30s) i discovered an interest in Malayalam. Still, i am way behind i know. but i ensure that my kids learn it no matter where they grow up. We all get fascinated by learning foreign languages, using foreign items…and we hardly value the native things which are also the best.
I do not want their roots to be cut off but instead, their roots should be ingrained in them no matter where they go.
Yea. it’s vacation time and the best time to invest time in learning something that they need for their future.
I was lazier to learn in my early years, but now I feel I missed the gem. Hence I am relearning my words through teaching them and reading more and more. Things might take time but who is in a hurry. It’s just better late than never.

Since my younger one needs to learn Hindi also..she is learning the language too…gradually both the languages will be a part of her learning too. But yes I Am giving her time to digest it.
My elder one..because of the little base she got while studying back with her grandma came in handy now because she can handle on her own thanx to youtube videos.

But yeah I am quite determined to teach them these, maybe slowly but yes will do.

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Mommy has hair on legs…

Sinking on my bed .after my long day ..with my little girl playing around on my a little kitten..who is not little anymore..still taking my breath away…though.
Oh. sorry
Tata not the matter.
As she was sliding her hands on my legs..she said..mommy, you have hairy legs.
Oh, yea.
I smiled.
Lazy me..i thought in my mind.
Immediately she showed me her legs….and told me..i too have hairy legs, mommy…
Just to make me smile and feel good.
But then  #mommygyan clicked my brain.
I told her .dont worry dear..having hair..or not having..shaving or not shaving it all your choice ..dont be intimidated by your looks..because it seriously never matters to the ones who are genuine.
Only beware of people who want you to follow their guidelines..and want to make you something else..which is not you at all.
Stay calm let the hair grow.
I remember as a teenager i never wanted to thread my eyebrows..and indeed i was like a monkey then ..never met anyone’s beauty expectations…hehe  was in my second year of degree i did threading of my eyebrows for the first time…I remember my mom did take me to a parlor in my eleventh or twelfth standard to get it done..and i ran off from there.
We all try to impose beauty concepts on everyone..but is it the right way..?
Beauty is defined as per the beholder.
But again, we all need not adhere to others’ concepts..just be who you are..your worth shines out irrespective of any darkness.

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New learnings new style

Learning new things in a new place. Education is completely different here… methods are different and yes. i am quite impressed.
After all the tumultuous education system back in India..we have got a new way of learning here in Canada. The education system is quite less complicated and beneficial too. My kids are kind of enjoying it now. I see them enjoying themselves and are quite engrossed in learning all this new stuff.
They have teaching methods through stories and I feel it gets into the mind sooner.
I believe in education that is not making them byheart all the stuff..but understanding them very well. It is the best way to learn and take along what you learn.
The very first time when we arrived here everyone told me that the education is not great…but again I felt this is quite exciting as it is new and fresh. I am impressed with the way they bring in techniques to teach kids, make them understand clearly, etc. I am not a fan of the Indian style of studying…as most of it requires you to be good at byhearting or loads of bookish knowledge. And it’s all about marks..n scores nothing else…
And I love the way of learning where you can explore more and in a better way.

Yeah, it’s new to them..(my kids ) but again I see them enjoy. Let’s hope for the best.

Being mom
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Some gifts stay forever

These are their companions in the sleep..other than me beside them.  One is her mini which is with us ever since Nandu was 2 years or so, brought it from Basel then. And the other one is a gift for you for her recent bday jn this stranger land from her uncle here. It was indeed the best gift we received after coming here to Canada as we were a real singer here. And these gifts brought in a feeling of sense of belonging here. She named her teddy Squishy Paws (inspired by @nickyrickydickydawn  tv show for kids). Ever since we came here they are glued to it. Did a complete binge watch..which is again I won’t recommend.