The roles I play

The Roles I play🧘🧘🧘

The moment i am up, from then i am playing various characters…don’t know where i am though..Now with. Lockdown, the roles are appearing multiple times, and some times i feel like i am flickering one to another and it’s like amidst the transmission errors…i lose a piece of me here and there…🙆
Mornings – Independent health-minded woman🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ – yea.. the moment i wake up, i am the health-minded person, an independent woman who cares about herself.
Next moment – as i enter the kitchen..i am the Planner 🕵️..- planning the day – just about the food…slowly transitioned into an explorer who is hunting for “what to cook ” for the day…from the jungle called fridge…
Then as soon as i am done taking a walk …i become the COOK. Yea the master chef..of the house.
In between i become a mom, waking up everyone in the house..serving milk and washing them up…
Then again, the next role pop up – “The maid” 🧚…Here at times, i become even a monster who is scolding when they make dirty too.
The roles then disappear as soon as i login for work.
I become again the ” Independent Woman..”💃💃 this transformed me. Flickering between a mom and an employee…the emotional transition is hard to carry on.. still worth a try…

The journey continues.👣👣👣
I become mom, a teacher, a friend, the wife, daughter, a lover, a writer, a colleague and again…everything i explained above…

Finally at the end of the day🛌🛌🛌…when i am exhausted..i wish i could be that little girl again.🧑🧑


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Let the child be a child

When i see most parents, they want to strictly hold on to kids and be competitive in everything they do. They forget about what the child wants or whats their wish. It’s simply what the parent missed being is forced upon the child mostly. I remember a child who was acquainted with my kids, he was all along monitored for not-so-great reasons. He wanted to be a winner all along..and if at all he just gets second or even when not considered for a prize, the parent gets frustrated. But is it the right parenting?
The child is soon going to be mentally suffering, as he is going to be tortured if he is not winning. I wonder why parents pressurise the child so much, they love and want in their life.

Too much of anything is indeed bad. It is fine to be competitive, but where is the bliss of childhood. It is for learning everything from success and failure. Do not fill up them with the idea that only success or being first is important. You get to learn a lot even from failures or even giving up something for someone.

Childhood is not for weighing down our principles on them but to be able to teach them to differentiate many things that are important in life.

Teach them to fight or work harder for anything, but not for gaining numbers but lessons that you get to learn.
Teach them, that when they don’t get successful then there might be better things ahead.
Stay positive.