Be Imperfectly Perfect

Everyone wants to stand out and show they are the best in everyone’s eyes. But why? I wonder why we are so obsessed to show we are so good. Why are so squeamish to show that we all have an imperfect side too. Life is not just about being perfect, but imperfections too. A baby doesn’t right way start walking as soon as it is born, it needs to stumble its way towards walking right. We all have moments of hiccups that do hurt us and others around us. Yea !! Life is never easy. From day one, we are born on earth, even though we are unaware then, others want us to be perfect. Have a perfect shape of head, beautiful eyes, smile a little hair enough to clip in some fancy clips… a perfect length even though we are just a baby to wear a dress from the latest design. This again continues as we grow up. A perfect score, a perfect school an blah blah an blah. We hardly realize that the more perfect things we try to bring together, we forget the imperfections we have to we tend to hide them. We are so obsessed that we literally hide the pain, the sorrows, the daunting tales, and much more that make us who we are now. 
As portrayed in the movie #home, we just have to be what we are unafraid of when it comes to our vulnerabilities. The ones who truly love us will just accept us as who we are- the perfectly imperfect ones.