Learning languages

Learning languages is an asset. But the very first thing is learning our mother tongue. I might not be very good at my language since i was not too eager then as a child..but eventually, as i grew up. (yea almost in my 30s) i discovered an interest in Malayalam. Still, i am way behind i know. but i ensure that my kids learn it no matter where they grow up. We all get fascinated by learning foreign languages, using foreign items…and we hardly value the native things which are also the best.
I do not want their roots to be cut off but instead, their roots should be ingrained in them no matter where they go.
Yea. it’s vacation time and the best time to invest time in learning something that they need for their future.
I was lazier to learn in my early years, but now I feel I missed the gem. Hence I am relearning my words through teaching them and reading more and more. Things might take time but who is in a hurry. It’s just better late than never.

Since my younger one needs to learn Hindi also..she is learning the language too…gradually both the languages will be a part of her learning too. But yes I Am giving her time to digest it.
My elder one..because of the little base she got while studying back with her grandma came in handy now because she can handle on her own thanx to youtube videos.

But yeah I am quite determined to teach them these, maybe slowly but yes will do.

#motherhood #mothertongue #learninglanguages #bliss #vacationfun

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